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I took up the pencil and paint brush again much later in life since my sketches and drawings as a young boy.  I am currently experimenting with water colours and new projects such as Mind Art and creating new visual Arts, to find my particular niche. I am greatly inspired by the works displayed at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square London. This is reflected in some of  my works you will find in my photo section.  I constantly strive to achieve work that will inspire others and maybe gain some  recognition and sales along the way. This vocation brings me endless amounts of joy, love, peace,  purpose and personal success into my life and it is my wish and hope that people  all over the world find this in their lives too.

I am also a Martial Artist:

Creating new niche visual Art

Mind Art in the photo section.

My logo 



Commission work

Various portraits

Me (student since 1979)  with my Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifu ( Master) Joseph Man of Jun Mo Lee Shing route

Ben Whishaw


Little girl sharing her milk